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10 New Year Resolutions for Academic Writers


I caught this list on Rich Furman’s Blog  “Write, Publish, Thrive!”

 Like many lists of this sort, the purpose is to help you reflect a bit, and make some decisions for yourself. I could have come up with more, and debated the importance, but I have some other writing to do!

Here is my edited version.

  1. Write every day.
  2. Read good academic writers.
  3. Work on emotional, behavioral, and cognitive impediments to daily writing.
  4. Create writing rituals that encourage your fidelity.
  5. Write before you do your email, check your twitter and facebook, or listen to the news.
  6. Select the journal and the word count for your article prior to starting.
  7. Find the exemplar for each piece and return to it as often as necessary.
  8. Develop process goals.
  9. Trust your process goals.
  10. Find the help and support that you need to make changes. Mentor. Supervisor. Therapist. Coach. Editor. Priest. Rabbi.  Shaman. Guru. Imam. Dog. Cat.

Source: Write, Publish, Thrive! A Blog about Writing, Publishing and the Scholarly Life: 10 New Year Resolutions for Academic Writers

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