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Ushahidi and Fieldwork


20130615-105829.jpgWith two fieldworkers now in the South Sudan, we are having exciting success using Ushahidi as a platform for mapping and collecting fieldwork information. As many of you know Ushahidi has been in the process of launching their new Crowdmap platform which I encourage all of you to investigate at crowdmap.com. We are however using the classic Crowdmap for our testing, for two reasons. 1) I already have a deployment that we can use for testing purposes and 2) we are still waiting to see how the new Crowdmap Public Beta will look. Crowdmap is designed and built by the people behind Ushahidi, a platform that was originally built to crowdsource crisis information. As the platform has evolved, so have its uses. Crowdmap allows you to set up your own map of Ushahidi without having to install it on your own web server.

Crowdsourcing is not just for the democratization of information; the same tools that allow us to gather knowledge from a wide community also allow us to build new models for research collaboration. Independent research may still be the only way to get tenure in American Academia but how long has it been since it was recognized as the best way to create knowledge? If you would like to see the test results that are in progress, but clearly not ready for popular release, tweet your request with hashtag #hist347a and your location. We will add you to the test map and tweet back the link.

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