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Bold Mama’s Collaborative Research Project


IMG_0530The Bold Mama’s collaborative research is in the progress of incorporating new researchers into a new endeavor planned for the South Sudan. For more information see the official website at
Bold Mamas CRASsH

We are interested in the processes by which women build communication networks over large distances, and use them to create distribution networks. We define these distribution systems as ones that not only distribute tangible goods but also service users’ demands for utility, broadly understood and expanded from neoclassical economic and political assumptions. We are particularly interested in research sites which have recently undergone transition in demographics, economics, political institutions, or extraordinarily violent circumstances. During transitions people eat, and women sell food. In the end, women find a way to eat. In these contexts, we focus on the continuities and ruptures in exchange at the interpersonal, which can be most straightforwardly tracked through socio-linguistic methodologies because it is at this instance we find these networks are disrupted, destroyed, or endure.

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